Risk telling

Whew. Glad the secret is out and yet I’m still nervous that opinions about me have charged – in the wrong direction. Not saying I’m ashamed I’ve written erotic, tame as it is. Not ashamed at all. Not embarrassed either.

And really why would I even think I’d lose respect from those who matter to me by saying this is something else I write. Those who matter to me, whose respect I respect, will still be here with and for me. I don’t expect everyone to read my work, heck I rarely read erotic. I’ve edited it, I’ve ended up reviewing some that had enough naked activity I thought it should be called erotic. Hey, there are big name authors whose works had more sex in them than I think I’ve written into mine. And have you read any books from that famous romance publisher, yeah that one. Dang if I didn’t blush.

So, why the – whew. I’m in great company.

And as I said before Thea gives me the mental image I need to unlock the door to these stories. Thea allows you to know what to expect when you read her name.

Thea is my permission for us to have some fun. Yes, I’m glad the secret is out – to everyone finally – because now you know you can trust Thea as much as you’ve trusted me

And trust is a _____, sorry Thea and Mistress Patrice tried to take over. Some other time ladies J