Truths and myths.

MYTH – I am not writing about my personal experiences or fantasies.

TRUTH – I have an over-active imagination. And way too many strange conversations with friends and family.

MYTH – I am not writing about friends or family or any of those conversations.

TRUTH – I’ve watched documentaries on human sexuality. I might not fully understand the whys for some choices, but they are not freaks.

MYTH – If the writer doesn’t feel it neither will the reader. No, I don’t get turned on writing these scenes.

TRUTH – I’ve just embarrassed myself writing the above myth. It’s all about the characters for me. The sex is just extra and expression.

MYTH – I read very little erotica. Okay rewrite that. No, I don’t read erotica. I’ve read some stories that were more graphic than I thought and some would call erotica. In other words, it’s a myth all hot writers reading nothing but hot stories.

TRUTH – The good erotic story is character and story driven, not driven from sex act to sex act.

MYTH – Writing sex is easy.

TRUTH – No writing is ever easy.