Why this genre or why exposing who Theadora Mitchell has been hiding?

Somewhere in one of Theo’s first posts, now on her page on my website, it was explained how I wrote a sex scene written on a dare.

Apparently it was good.

Apparently, I –Thea – could write sexy. Yup, you’ll find me switching back and forth between using Thea’s name and the first person. Truth, it’s – she’s – all me; however there are times I do feel I’m someone different when I write sexy. I’m allowed to escape the norm. To just let go of who I think I am and who others think they know or expect.

I’ll tell you there were some shocked nurses when I let this secret out to them. All positive and good natured joking. What a devil I am. No, not you? Knew there was someone hiding behind this innocence.

I felt free and accepted.

Next question – why then keep Theodora Mitchell around. Marketing allows the name difference of knowing what material you’ll be reading. Thea is funny sexy. Me? Funny sexy wouldn’t be my first words. I’ve discovered I like the characters I’ve written. I want to know about them. I want to laugh at trying for intimacy while having children. That what people choose to do naked doesn’t change who they are and what they can bring to each other…non-sexually. How any person who we bring into our homes and call friend, allow to be around our children, is important – no matter what they do naked.

And like life, sex can be dang funny.

Why then use the name Melody Hew for romance with no sex descriptions?

Simple – new names triggers the writer mind and voice needed to bring these characters to life and write their stories. As soon as I found these two personas I felt whole, at home. Truthfully, we’re all different people for different needs, I just happened to name two of mine.

So, uhm, hi and toodles for now.