My search history – oh wow

A mystery murder writer is known to search how to kill using ______. How to dispose of a body using ______. What does breaking ______ look like? What can police ask and not ask during an interrogation? How to pass a lie detector. And those writers used to talk about what people would think if they saw the writers’ internet search history.

Well, I can say I’m more worried about my current search history. I’m far quicker at minimizing my screens now than at any time when I was looking up poisons. If my teen walked in and I have a picture of a decomposing body, okay, that’s safe. Walk in when I’m searching up squid, well, let’s just say that’s when my door is closed.

Recent news brought up some language and supposedly drinking game name. Ah, nope, no drinking game came up for that definition. Yup, learned something new that day. Then again I might not have been the only one searching for that.

I have searched for different words for different bits and bobs and exclamation sounds. And if this or that is a true thing – boy did that surprise me and I never thought there would be rules. And some activities have nothing to do with sex.

Yes, my internet search history is a tad different. Innocent, but embarrassing if I knew I wasn’t looking so that my writing is true and respectful to those who play in this manner.


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