Oops, can’t use that name

So why did Bonnie change into Connie?

Family friend has same name. I totally forgot until nearly done the shorts and then I no longer saw my fictional gal but the real one. And, well, yeah, it freaked me out. And isn’t that a pickle. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed with the storylines, but a name caused me to blush.

Hence, the change. Guess what? It works better. Sure the first set rolled of the tongue better, but the closeness of Connie, Boris, and Cassie comes across more with one simple line. No, not telling you what that is, you’ll just have to read and figure it for yourself. Talk about a plug.

And this is probably why I’d never offer the contest of appearing in these stories. Maybe, you could name a character and even a scene to be included, just don’t tell me it’s you. No, wait, that’s too dangerous, too.

Names have power. Think of how important your name is to you. Why you’ve named your children as you may have. Think how it feels when someone remembers your name. Or the impression certain names give when we don’t have a picture to match the name.

Another reason to watch your character names is to keep them unique within each story. If you have too many same sounding or same letter starting they can be meshed together. Become interchangeable and confusing. Something I’ve recently become aware of between two different stories of mine and Melody’s. We both have a “Peter.” Playing with the idea of them being related. A little crossover innocent non-sexual fun, of course.

Which is another reason the name Peter has changed to Bernard. Might be interesting to see how Mable (who was original Olive) and Patrice get along. Who am I kidding, of course, they’ll get along, they’ve already met…keep tuned.

Now, back to writing the final stories for Connie and Boris.