What makes it erotic?

And it’s not just writing the sex.

Erotic is the emotion and senses that fill up the bits before the writer reaches the personal intimates of action. Call it the foreplay of the book. The buildup. The foundation of the scene.

The sex in erotic writing is more graphic than in other books, for the most part. It can be a wham bam thank ya’mam. It can be a little dark and dangerous and over the top experimenting. Can be something we would never think about doing in our real lives. But the erotic is still the building up of the moment, whether it’s a connection between the characters or the tease or the ripping of clothes to get to it.

There was the movie 9 ½ WEEKS where all I ever heard about was the kitchen scene. Nothing about sex, really, but the tease of food, the not knowing what was going to be placed in mouths that hooked people. Then there was the scene the actress was getting a tad heated watching a slide show of artwork I believe she was supposedly critiquing but couldn’t keep her mind off the activity the scene before and, well, she took it a little far personally.

There’s the leg crossing scene in BASIC INSTINCT. Why was that sexy and erotic? Could it be because the lead was just so daring? Knew what she had on…didn’t have on and exactly what she was doing. She was in control…and that can be very powerful in any situation.

You may not read erotica, but I’m sure you have read some erotic scenes. If you care to admit to.