Why read erotica?

For the fun of it.

For the heat of it.

For the sneaky secret of it.

Because sine are great stories…romantic stories…you can skip or skim over the naked bits, if you want.

I’ll tell you this, I was shocked all to hades when I recently read a “H” romance book…the publisher “H,” you know which one I mean. There were a couple of heated scenes let me tell you. Let alone when I tried, as in my thirties, reading some of the authors my mom and grandmother read…whoa nelly! Really???

I know, some are worried about their books being sold beside my erotica tales. Granted that’s one reason for my name use here…so you know what you’re getting into. But, uhm, yeah, don’t search at one massive online store for certain naughties…cause they’re there. Yup, shocked even me.

Sex is all around us and granted some don’t want it in their reading material or television watching or music. I get that, heck I agree, especially in my blood and guts reading/watching. We just need to be aware of what we’re finding and buying, use the brains.

However, if you want to test the erotica reading grounds…eBooks dearies. No one will ever know what you’re reading until you’re blushing.