Erotica plus

Plus the other genres, that is.

If a certain slasher can find himself in the future on a spaceship, well, why can’t they have wild funky sex, too? Oh, wait, they have been.  Slasher horror and sex have been hand-in-hand for decades. However, here’s to doing it better.

And there’s the paranormal, How far would you write an incubus or succubus into a story? Vampires don’t always have to feast on blood.  Werewolves? I’m not touching zombies, that would be…too…uhm…yeah, not touching that one.

Mysteries? Easy.

Fantasy? Mermaids and sirens luring sailors. Let alone fairies and elves. The allure of capturing them or them capturing humans.

The possibilities are endless. As far as a writer’s imagination can go, there’s a reader waiting.

For me, it’s the challenge and finding the characters who will tell me their tales.