Changing my view

Again, Theadora is my pseudonym in order to separate my genres for readers.

I started on a dare to write a hot scene, apparently I succeeded. I’ve told this before, I know. I like Connie and Boris and the characters that have arrived with them. Sure, I created them so I should like them, but it’s something more. Call it a writer’s thing, but as a reader we’ve all been hooked by a character we don’t want to let go.

I never thought an erotica would end up to become just as important to me as my other writings. This was supposed to be a, literally, a wham-bam and done novella.

I like writing steamy. The heat and build-up. The actual sex, not as much, rather leave that to your imagination. So, I’m going with heat, erotic, steam, and leaving the bits and pieces mechanics up to you.

Sorry, if I’ve repeated myself, I’m working my way back creatively and, yes, the brain is running faster than the logic and fingers can handle. I’ll be back with new updates and more to tease and charm you with.

In the meantime, Toodles.