POV, which one to use

To first person or not to first person. Now, that’s a loaded question.

Will the reader think it’s me, the author, writing about my experiences or will the reader react more intimately with the story? One I want to stay away from and the other is something every writer wants…connection. This set of stories are writing easier being the character rather than staying on the outside, but easier doesn’t necessarily mean better or stronger.

Maybe it’s the genre? Wait a minute, can an author really feel voyeuristic writing their own characters? That’s crazy, right? Have Connie and Boris become so real to me that if I write in the third-person I feel like I’m spying on friends doing the nasty? Okay, that brought on a shudder or two, and not the good kind.

If I really want to be honest with myself, and you, it is because of the voyeur feeling.

Connie isn’t me. She is open in ways I’m just not interested in ever exploring. Actually had someone comment they thought I was curious enough; hence, writing Connie. Nope. I wrote one very hot scene…as described by persons reading it…and next thing this group of characters developed and I like them.

I like their confidence and acceptance. They’re pretty dang brave, if you ask me. I don’t know…and why or how would I…of anyone who would behave, be open, and do what they do without any jealousy or any negative emotions. My own publisher questioned this as being unbelievable. You see, I have watched too many documentaries and yeah, there are people who accept themselves and their different needs; appetites.

But, that’s getting off topic, I’m still trying to figure out POV. I know Connie. Part of who Connie is, well, we’re alike…just not the sexual aspects. For me to present her in the third person takes me out of who she is and weakens how I show her to you. How I want you to see her and those around her.

To understand why she accepts and engages in these relationships. Why there is no threat to her and Boris’ own relationship. How better to showcase this then by having Connie tell you it all herself?

There you have it. I’m sticking with the first person narrative. I’ll worry about Cassie’s and Patrice’s stories later.