I’m making my author blush

You know, I am a pseudonym. It’s all a mental game for my creator/writer. She says it’s to keep my tales (tail? Hehehe) away from those eyes which shouldn’t be reading me, while that is true, it’s also because she can’t handle what we’re writing.

She’s blushing like crazy and feeling a bit silly. I bring out the silliness. The playfulness…the smart-aleckiness…the sense of wink-wink-ooooo-what-are-you-reading-ness which we all need. Not all the time, but occasionally.

She’s blushing right now. Oh, alright, she’s just feeling silly.

She’s not going to want to post this on MY blog, will feel crazy for doing so and even now is fighting me to regain control. I’m not going to allow that. She’s been creative-dry for too long and lately the creativeness has been creeping back.

And that’s a good feeling.

Back to making her blush. She’s revisiting Connie and Boris, finally. My very reason for existing. We’re tightening up the beginning and I do believe we’ll be keeping the heat and naked bits. Forget that thought of just steam. If we’re going to do it let’s just go full force.

Yup, that got a blush.

Writers, what fun.