To continue from Melody Hew’s posting yesterday, I do swear and sometimes love just gets in the way, Patrice here, Mistress Patrice, and I’ve taken over for Theadora today.

Melody Hew’s characters, Iris and Olive, are very sweet ladies, but we’re over here now where it tends to be bit hotter. However, they did help me when I was lost. Yes, you heard me, there was a time I needed help and the ladies were there to save me.

I had a difficult time accepting the concept, feeling, whatever of love. There’s sex and then there’s prudes who play boring roles they call love. The ladies helped me learn that sex and love can be part of the same game. That your heart has room for more than yourself when the other is the right one.

Damnit-all, I was perfectly set to whip this posting into shape about the prudes who think my genre is trash and those who write and read our stories were awful people, but instead…maybe I’m still a bit jaded.

Maybe I should rename this posting shame, or better yet, no apologies. That would then be my author’s words and not mine, or Connie’s even. I’m Mistress Patrice and I make no apologies for being. At least, not anymore. Every character has a backstory and I’m not different. Which is why Theadora is expanding her A Year In The Life Of… series.

My story is somewhat attached to Melody’s Iris, not that you will read any crossovers, prudes wouldn’t know how to deal.

Prudes. The definition is someone easily shocked by sex or nudity. I’ll add and who reacts negatively and with malice towards those who…you get the picture. Prudes would not be reading these words or Theadora’s writings. They might read Melody’s and that’s where they’ll be shocked.

Have I truly confused you, yet? Let’s call this a sneak peek. A titillation. A glimpse behind the mask or feather. A lifting of the…not so quickly, my friend.

We’ll leave it here, for now, give you a chance to catch your breath for the next round. As Theadora would say…Toodles