In the mood

A writer can’t wait to get in the mood to write or we wouldn’t write. Writing means showing up every time. Ploughing through the words even if we only write one sentence or our daily thousand words and they’re all deleted the next day.

But, we’re talking the erotic genre…sexual, sensual, sexy, down and _____. I’m not sure I know of anyone who is constantly in the mood for any of this? What I am sure is my love for the characters I’ve created and their stories.

I can’t write a wham-bam-thank you-whomever story. I can write those scenes. They’re fun scenes to write because I know, and hopefully I am showing you, the characters and that there is more to them than just the sex.

I don’t want to “play” with Connie, Boris, or their friends, but I genuinely like them. If they were real, I would like to know them. And sometimes that’s what a writer needs to feel…would they be friends with their characters. Not all of them, of course. We do need to write the ones who scare us, annoy us, anger us, and every other emotion. The secret is we even like those ones, too.

Writers create worlds we invite you into. We want you to visit and come back often, even tell your friends about us.

But we can’t do any of this if we’re waiting for the mood to write.

Funny thing about writing, sometimes it shows you something you know, but have forgotten. Connie and Boris are never waiting on the mood to strike. Cassie has yet to have a bad mood. Patrice feels moody, but she’s more in command and understanding of herself than anyone I know…heck, I wrote her, but I don’t believe I know her as well as she does.

Yes, writers surprise themselves through their characters. Maybe it is true we are just the conduits.

And, just like that, I’ve lost my train of thought because I allowed myself to become distracted. Way too easy to do which also hampers any mood.

What have we, as real people, forgotten that fictionals can remind us…don’t wait. Go for it. Grab it…whatever your it is…while and when you think of it. Always as long as it is safe and anyone else is okay with you wanting to grab the….hey, I had to sneak that in, I do write erotica.

Moods change how and when we allow them to and sometimes we need to remember life isn’t perfect so grab it while you can.