There’s a food scene in the movie 9½ WEEKS people refer to as a sexy romp. Everyone has their own definition of sexy.

There’s a scene in the movie RISING SUN, the one with Sir Sean Connery, where the no-so-innocent guy is eating sushi off a naked human platter. This was something I researched as having been popular during the time of production. Yes, it inspired my own scene in Connie & Boris.

Two very different movies each with a sexual, sensual scene with food. Granted, RISING SUN’s scene showcased something of the character in question and wasn’t a sex scene.

Some cooking contest shows talk about making the food look sexy or that the plating of the food looks sexy. Then there are the food we consider aphrodisiacs. What is it about sex, eroticism and food?

Maybe the emotional intimacy of both? The feed us and illicit strong physical reactions. Who hasn’t moaned over a rich decadent chocolate cake? Ever race to catch the sweet running juices of a peach? Say the word, cherry, and what comes to mind?

Maybe it’s the physical action of mouths and tongues?

Then again isn’t this all our imagination? We don’t have these reactions with every food or person. Watching a stranger eat doesn’t do a thing for me, heck, most family dinners resemble, well, definitely nothing sexy.

Never heard of anyone getting turned on by dribbling sauerkraut over their lover’s body. Perhaps someone has, I can’t imagine this, can you?