Foul Words

Or as the overused phrase goes – talk dirty. Now, I’m not a prude (another fuddy-duddy word) but I don’t like dirty talk, crass language and especially any parental name calling (ick). This doesn’t mean a blunt word used here or there doesn’t fit in, isn’t necessary for certain characters. There are times it enhances the scene, adds more than a simple groan or moan written in.

Language is vital to writing. It’s the base of our whole industry…life. How we use it to convey the story and show the actions and reactions. I would much rather read the build-up, the anticipation, the participation, the descriptive conclusion than have the character scream or direct vocalize what is happening.

Yes, that shows the character’s reaction. Shows the interaction. Is active. It’s also just one way to show the story/scene. But, I am telling you there are readers who don’t read our genre because they don’t want in-your-face blunt words. However, these same readers will, have, read steamy hot books were the same scenes are there, but described to their imagination.

It is also a challenge to you, the writer. Change it up. I’ve written the wham-bam scenes and they’re fun. I wouldn’t want to always write them. I like writing descriptive scenes. I like reading description.

A very strange way to think of using foul or dirty words is sometimes you want fast food and sometimes you want a full course dining experience, dress it up or down as the mood moves you.