It is about love

At least in my stories. Yes, self-love, self-acceptance, for at least one major character.

This is the closest my writing as Theadora, her characters, gets to being me. There needs to be a deep connection. There is no wham-bam stranger action.

I’m not saying there isn’t any love, self – ____ in other stories, ones that are sex-driven. My stories need that trusted connection.

Does this mean I lied when I said my writings have nothing in common with me? No, I didn’t recognize this until now and it is very uncomfortable writing this. Because I don’t want the wrong interpretation taken.

Then again, as my characters have taught me, self-acceptance is all I can control. Is all that matters. It doesn’t hurt me should anyone speculate – let them. There’s nothing to speculate and maybe I’d be flattered if you all think I have a more exciting life than I do, LOL.

Which is the last point for today – love and accept yourself. Let others think their thoughts, perhaps they’re simply envious of your comfort.

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