It’s been repeated…

…your porn name is first pet’s name and street name. Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s bologna, but if your first pet was a fish, well, think you get the cringy idea.

Names are important and for the most part we do associate certain attributes to certain names. I won’t state any here. There was a detective partner show where the one guy said to the other – how did her parents know she would grow up to be a _____. All the while ogling her bikini.

The writers gave the 3 male leads names to fit their stereotypical characters, too. That gets boring.

And when society decides that certain bad behaving women are being a ____, how do you use that name as your character? Unless she is one of those women. Same with the male equivalent.

I’ve gotten a little off track here, but so can a story depending on the names used. I could easily use a name associated with, oh, a muscle bound meathead and keep the stereo-image going, it would be easy, but it feels dated. And mixing the imagine and name feels forced.

I could pull names from a hat.

Hmm, S____ F____ does sound interesting. Wait, have to change first name – have a relative with it. Oh dang, friend had too similar name with second pet. Dang, and the other pet really does sound like a porn name.

Oh, well, back to the hat.