Location, location, location

That little repetition conquers many thoughts. I ask you why is it romantic to “christen” a new home by enjoying each room, but erotic or ooo if you get frisky in the kitchen.

Context and language is all I can come up with. Using the crude F-word versus making love changes everything.

If you know a certain TV series with four female friends, then you might remember the episode that had their good girl, with a simple change of words, become the bad girl of her other group of friends.

Context and words. They change everything.

Silk scarves versus steel cuffs.

Leather or lace

Tickler versus…I know you have the picture.

Where does a beach romp or steamy car windows fit? Role play – what happens if you watch and allow that stranger to pick up your partner? Are you in for an argument and the couch or a different heated night or a very hot night?

We are talking reading material, right?

The difference between that romance you innocently show on the train versus the erotic story hidden on your eReader.

Location, location, location.

It changes everything.