The Seduction of the Reader

Is it the blurb, the cover, the title or everything? Maybe a review or excerpt? Something that gives a heat or language warning? The engaging characters? The anticipation based on…?

Every writer wants to know how to bring readers to their books, but erotic, that’s a whole other game.

I’ve read a few that took me in directions I wasn’t ready for, never expected, and I wish I had known beforehand. I picked those books based on the simplistic blurb, title, and cover. They looked/read innocently enough until the first page was a naked slap to the face.

There was another who should be erotic, but isn’t fully genred in that way, by the time there’s naked aroused bits and pieces, I’m not phased or shocked and it fits in far more ways than the obvious. It’s welcomed

I was seduced and didn’t even know it.

I looked forward to the next time.

I was excited for the next one.

Read whatever genre you want. Some become dull over their following books. Some might become the wham bam repeat. Others try for more push and fall flat or go too far and become unfinished reads.

Reel readers in and let them decide what works and what they want more of…as the saying goes: write what you want to read.