…I forgot what I was going to write.

Had a great posting title: Oops, wrong word. Then I walked away from the computer and did some mundane household thingy and promptly forgot what went with the title. Nope, didn’t write a dang thing down either.


How many times have you done that…and not walking into a room and forgetting why. Or calling someone by a different name…that could be a MAJOR Oops.

I actually did that…call a different name. Nooooo, not like that. I was going for a job interview and asked for a Madelaine instead of Mad…??? Trust me…Marilyn, that was her name. I still got the job, thankfully.

If you think I’m typing random words hoping the original topic pops back into my head, you’re right and no it hasn’t.

What was I thinking…we’re talking erotic writings…oops wrong word could be anything in connection.

Maybe I meant, wrong name as in I can’t use that name because I know someone with it and…and I already wrote about that a long while back.

Well, we know this genre, this genre’s everything, can have many Oops. I just don’t know mine at the moment.

I never promised my postings would be informative or enlightening, but I can almost guarantee a giggle, eye roll, heavy sigh and a few oiiiiis tossed in and now a mini goofed up…