Imaginary whats?

What’s so imaginary about having different POVs? What’s so imaginary about knowing and accepting different anything?

And if I don’t clarify myself I could end up in an un-imaginary situation never intended.

I write characters who are sexually adventurous. I write characters with strong love and trust relationships who may see sex in the same manner as others might see playing baseball together, just different bases and rules.

I write characters I can identify with even if I can’t do what they will.

I want to write characters who identify differently than me simply because that’s how they came into the story – Boris’ sister. I can’t write as a lesbian, but I believe I can write respectfully. I recently read a post from someone in the (and I hope I have this correct) LGBTQ2+ community who stated they want writers to write characters of their community just don’t try to write their story. And my paraphrasing may have weakened their statement, but I hope I’ve been clear enough.

Writing characters different from yourself is about respect. There’s nothing imaginary about that.