Theadora’s Pet Peeves: She’s real. She has a name

I wish they would stop calling her the porn star.

That title might be too long for a blog, but I’m really tired of hearing about – hush money to the porn star. Look we all have our own opinion on the topic of did he or didn’t he, was it or wasn’t it, not here to argue that, won’t argue that. Adding, with yesterday’s indictment, we don’t even know what the full charge(s) is.

We’re not talking about a porn star. We’re not talking about what she does professionally. The case is simply did person A give person B money to remain quiet about their connection/contact/whatever. End of story.

But, the story is all the more titillating when you call her a porn star and not by her name. Make her be her profession. Make her be something other than an individual. Don’t give her a name. Use her professional name; use her profession.  I’m sure in any court documents she’s not listed as the porn star.

Again, not arguing the case. I’m here about the labelling and de-humanizing of one of the individuals. He’s given his name and title, why can’t she be given her name. Would the case matter more if she wasn’t in the LEGAL Adult Entertainment Industry? Would it matter less?

I write stories that contain sex. I write stories that explore sensuality. I can write graphic. I can write teasing. So far no one has called me a porn writer…although some think this erotic genre is porn; some call it porn. Whatever. I have a name and I demand to be called by my name.

Maybe you or someone you know write/read trashy romance or far-fetched science fiction or boring dramas or, gasp, books about murder. Don’t you deserve the respect of – ______ writes/reads ________ – and nothing more?

Whether or not she’s guilty of taking the money, doesn’t matter. What she does, doesn’t matter. Her professional name, unless legally changed to being her, well, legal name, doesn’t matter.

What matters is how easy it is for society to minimize her down to a description, a meaning that I believe most look upon as a negative, a not worthy of respect, not worthy of anything but a look down the nose. And the voice that goes with it.

In an industry known to take advantage of people; an industry ripe with abuse; an industry most non-watchers look upon with distain, this woman has made it her business-success. She’s taken control. She’s very much “on top” of the game. BTW, this is one industry that women are paid more than any of the men. This industry is growing far faster in women leaders, bosses, creators, than other areas.

No, I don’t watch adult entertainment movies…documentaries, far too many…movies, nope. Frankly they bore me. I don’t like formula writing and I sure don’t like formula movies.

The bottom line…we’re more than what we do and so is she. Rant over, but suspect the pet peeve will live on.