There goes that idea

I had what I thought was a great idea – write about the mystical supposedly fictional position raved about in an eighties TV show. Well, there goes that idea, apparently “they” have determined it is a real act, and there goes that mystery.

Do I write about how the mystery imagination is worth more than the blunt truth or how my search engine needs wiping upon my death?

The search engine wins.

What would be harder to explain – why I looked up how to choke, poison, and dispose of a body or that putting that there and something somewhere else will, well you can search it for yourself. And then delete and double clear your search engine. Either way the search engine explanation will be interesting.

I’ve looked up some strange things but never was I as disappointed as I was searching for this name. Until now I thought it was a fun silliness that worked because everyone imagined something different. Knowing it’s something practical makes it less fun. Now it’s just a bunch of facts in my search engine to be deleted since it’s not needed. Kinda boring in context.

Why did I search it up? Why didn’t I just mentioned that sexy action that drove the lawyers crazy in that eighties show and let you…those who know the show…have your giggle. Should have left it alone and enjoyed the mystery.

Leave the searching to the writers and keep the fun alive.