My limits

As we know there’s a difference between erotic writing and porn. There are also different types of erotica based on the multiple fantasies and fetishes. One I’ve heard described as a slap and tickle to full-on bondage. There’s threesomes and then there’s complete orgies.

There’s full description and “hard” language and then heat and milder language use. We can add in voyeurism and hidden cams – with or without knowledge. I’ve even heard some having rape fantasies.

I will say here and now I won’t write that fantasy. I can understand control, the light bondage, but rape. No, that’s something I’m uncomfortable writing. A sexual act I can’t get my mind around, especially since the crime is about power and intimidation via the most initmate action.

Hidden cameras where only one party knows? No. How can consent be given there? Which leads me to the whole passed out sex. No. Again, consent.

I won’t say those who write these ideas are wrong, nasty, or evil. There is a vast difference between fiction and reality. And that’s a bigger conversation for another day, along with other genres and medium influencing real life.

I am saying, you know my limits. What I won’t be writing – besides that which is illegal.